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Tap water plant


"Strength and growth come only

  through continuous effort and struggle." 

  Napoleon Hill

Zainab Bottlers Company

Zainab Bottlers Co. Ltd., officially opened on 14th Feb 2004, with a vision to manufacture and deliver affordable, quality beverages to the Zanzabarians, revolutionizing the local market with great tasting products.


ZBCL started with ZANZIBAR KOOL in 1.5 Ltrs and later extended to t0 600ml and 350ml. The 350m Zanzibar Kool is a clear market leader to this date with no other water brand with the similar properties which contains natural minerals.

Today ZBCL has its flagship brand under the name of Zan Aqua in 20Ltrs, 15Ltrs, 1.5 Ltrs, 1 Ltr, 500ml and 350ml packs is a clear winner in the hearts of Zanzibarians. ZBCL has recently launched environment friendly 18.9 Ltrs in reusable jars, having in mind the concept of recycling the jars.

ZBCL has now ventured into the soft drink concentrate market with the brand Frutto’s in Portello flavor, the only one of its kind to be produced in Zanzibar. The crisp and sweet taste of Frutto’s has captured many a heart in Zanzibar.

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