Chairman Message

Dear All
Vigor, Turky group of companies is one of the largest business group in Tanzania. Since 1980 my brother and I, later joined by our sons have dedicated ourselves to both the strategic of development of the Turky group of companies and the overall advancement of the turkey group  in terms of cultivate new Ideas, products and business growth at all.

Furthermore, the rapid expansion and diversification into an array of different fields has firstly been achieved through the help of Allah the All Giving and Most Merciful. The company has also achieved this by the professional and corporate-minded management approach. Above all, having had a motivated team of employees and a talented workforce in all our companies  has not just been the keystone to our growth but has also been prided to be our companys most precious assets.

Today Turky Group of Companies owns 12 Companies with operations in Zanzibar, Tanzania mainland and Comoros islands as well. Through our diverse business and high class workforce the Turky group delivers the best brands and highest quality services to our customers

My dedication & sacrifice of my time over the years has helped "Vigor"Turky group of companies to achieve the businesss prestigious accolades.

"Vigor" has always had big visions & dreams of creating a better life not only for our own staffs, but more importantly for the society. We dream of becoming the leading company to provide premier lifecycle solutions.

To achieve this, well continue to train, develop & cultivate the skills of all our staffs, infusing a spirit of continual learning in our organization. By doing so, we not only train the physical & mental skills of our staffs to be better professionals , but more importantly, we develop them to become outstanding individuals with impeccable integrity & character, so that whether as an organization or individual everyone in"Turky Group" can do their best & contribute to a better society  for everyone.

Our companys philosophy is as follows:

1) Customers are our number 1 priority, well always provide durable & best products for them
2) Well always satisfy our customers needs going 100% every time for them.
3) Well create, innovate & produce valued services & products to our customers.
4) Quality is always our priority; we give the best to our customers.
5) Well always be efficient, effective, diligent, and fast & always keep to our promises.

Salim Turky
Chairman Turky Group of Companies